Wednesday September 11, 2019 - Kiringaga County Governor, Anne Waiguru, has lauded Kirinyaga MCAs for rejecting Punguza Mzigo Initiative.

Punguza Mzigo is an initiative by Third Way Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, which is advocating for an increase of money in Counties and reduction of the wage bill.

On Tuesday, Majority Leader Kamau Murango presented the bill to the floor of the House but it was not seconded, effectively leaving it in limbo.

Addressing a Press Conference after the assembly session, Waiguru said that she was pleased with the MCAs' decision to reject the bill.

Waiguru said said it was not favourable to residents, nor was it good for women.

“Fortunately for Kenya, we run on the basis of law, not on Aukot directives.”

“The Bill was thrown out on the basis of the Law and Standing Orders of the Kirinyaga County Assembly.”


“Even on its merits, this Bill is, in any event, an unfortunate embarrassment," Waiguru said.

This prompted a swift response from Aukot who labelled Waiguru a thief of public money.

"A public thief cannot tell Kenyans about integrity.”

“Even the recent audited reports from the Office of the Auditor-General speak for themselves," Aukot retorted.


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