Friday September 13, 2019 - Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Mumbi Waiguru, is in hot soup after claiming that Murang’a men are better lovers than Kirinyaga men.

Speaking in Kagumo market on Wednesday, Waiguru caused a stir when she said she is married to Kamotho Waiganjo from Murang’a County because no Kirinyaga man ever approached her.

“Those complaining that I got married in Murang’a, is there anyone from Kirinyaga who asked me out and I refused?” she asked to an applause from the crowd. 

“Since no one from Kirinyaga asked me out, what was I to do?”

“Honestly, are people from Murang’a bad?”

“All the same, I’m still working for you, the people of Kirinyaga," she said

Following her pronouncement, men in Kirinyaga have asked the Governor to apologise to them for disrespecting them.

“We want an apology from the Governor for disrespecting men from Kirinyaga County.”
“Comparing us to our Muranga counterpart is an insult.”

“Muranga men are known to be wife batterers and drunkards,” Kagumo location men leader, Raphael Mwangi, said.

The men gave the Governor 24 hours to apologise or face consequences.


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