Friday, September 13, 2019- Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s founding father and long serving president, died last week aged 95.

His body arrived in Harare from Singapore and guests have been trooping to his home to pay their last respects for the fallen leader.

During his time as President, Mugabe and his family lived in luxury while most of his countrymen languished in abject poverty.

A case in point is his massive 25 bedroom house worth more than $10 million built in a massive piece of land in the wealthy Harare suburb of Borrowdale and fenced off from the public.

The palatial mansion thought to be three times bigger than Zimbabwe State House – the official residence of the president, was built by a Yugoslavian company, Energoproject, which had close links to Mugabe, and completed in 2003.

Before his death, there were few if any good pictures of this house and his death has opened the door for people to see why the former president did not want his poor countrymen to know where and how he lived.

Checkout the photos below.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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