Monday September 16, 2019 - One of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cousins has been mentioned in the brutal murder of Dutch billionaire, Tob Cohen.

Cohen, who was the proprietor of Tob Golf Safaris, disappeared from his Kitisuru home on the night of July 19th and 42 days later, his body was found inside a septic tank in his home.

His wife, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, is the chief suspect in the murder that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss, George Kinoti, described as gruesome.

While speaking to the media on Friday, Cohen’s best friend for close to 30 years, Patrick Muiruri, explained how he talked to the deceased on the night of murder.

He also revealed how President Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin, Ngegi Muigai, called him from India expressing concerns about the late Tob Cohen.

“A friend of mine Mheshimiwa Ngegi Muigai called me, he was in India and he told me look our friend Cohen is missing,” Muiruri, who is a former Gatundu North MP, said.

The former lawmaker also narrated that Cohen had earlier told him that in case anything happens to his life, police should hold his wife, Sarah, responsible.


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