Tuesday September 3, 2019-Samwel Gateri, a witness in Dennis Itumbi's forgery, case has written to court asking to withdraw himself from the trial, citing threats to his life.

In an affidavit that was received by the Chief Magistrate's chamber at the Milimani Law Courts on Monday, he cited that there have been threats to his life, and that is the reason why he wants to withdraw.

He said that officials at the DCI have been forcing him to confess about having personal knowledge of both the Deputy President William Ruto and Dennis Itumbi.

"The officers thereafter told me that I was under arrest and that they would go ahead and execute me if I did not confirm that I had a telephone conversation with his excellency the deputy president and that Dennis Itumbi was my link with the DP," Gateri stated in the application.

He alleged that he only knew Itumbi from public sources and not in the manner that he is being forced to confess.

He further affirmed that after his arrest on July 2, by officers from the DCI, his items, including phone, National ID Card. This, he said, has made life hard for him as he cannot drive or even access basic services due to the seizure of his items.

He also intimated that after these items were taken from him, he was threatened and coerced into signing a statement that he did not record and whose contents he is not aware of until now.

"I am a law-abiding citizen and would discharge my civic duties to be a witness in this case if my statement is taken lawfully and voluntarily. I wish to confirm that I was coerced into writing the statement made at Muthaiga Police Station and I do not in any manner whatsoever wish to rely on it anywhere," he is quoted.

Dennis Itumbi was arraigned in court and charged with authoring a false document on the alleged assassination of Deputy President William Ruto.



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