Unfaithfulness is a common phenomenon in many relationships. It is a heartbreaking encounter that leaves one or both partners disoriented and betrayed. However, in an attempt to come up with a resolution, funny answers are often given as excuses for cheating. Here are the three common answers you will get when you confront your unfaithful partner: “Don’t be insecure, nothing is going on between us”; This answer turns back the blame to the faithful partner to make him/ her doubt her senses.

You should be very careful if you want to stay in such an unhealthy relationship to avoid more disappointments. “We never got physical”: this statement implies that despite not getting physical, they could be emotionally attached. This answer is meant to reduce the reality that cheating occurred. In the end, the emotional attachment may lead to physical actions. You should be careful as well before you get much betrayed. “I did it because we never satisfy each other sexually”: This answer confirms that cheating has occurred in both physical and emotional attachment. The accused tries to deny the responsibility of the wrong actions that have been committed.

Relationship issues are critical, and at this extent, partners will be required to make informed decisions. But I was able to discuss with Mugwenu Doctors about cheating and why do people cheat. This is Muwenu Doctors revealed: Cheating lovers are killers of all romantic hopes and dreams, and they cause a lot of pain for the other partners involved in the relationship. When your partner starts to cheat, a lot of things start to change. Your sex life, they might never have time to perform well in other cases they can fail to perform at all. Lack of interest in the family because most of their time is spent with their secret lovers. Most of all happiness in your relationship can go and there is always fighting and sorrow. Your trust towards any relationship may never be same even if they stop cheating, you can never trust fully again.

This leaves you with a problem of insecurity which can lead you to other fights and arguments . They can spend most of your hard earned savings on their secrete lovers leaving you and the family in need at all time and they may not provide in most cases. Communication can never be the same that even if you had a problem, you can just keep quiet. Like any other problem; it is very important to know why your partner is cheating on you. Why do you have infidelity in your marriage? Asking yourself this question, can help you find a solid ground to fight this problem whether you are trying to deal with it yourself or using people like me. ​Why do people cheat? Tempting situations - not all people who cheat do it purposefully. Some people are just tempted until they give in. Influence - which can be money, friends or drinking.

Abandonment - where by one feels left alone in a relationship or marriage. Relationship problems and instability - where by you are always fighting and arguing and then someone decided to find someone who can relax the stress. Sex dissatisfaction - where one partner is not satisfied sexually. Financial problems - which can be as a result of bad luck. It can also be having too much money that leads you to cheating. Spells that have been used on your partner Bad luck to you because every man you get, cheats on you or dumps you Agents of evil forces can also influence cheating. If you believe that 'once a cheater always a cheater' and you have lost hope to the extent of loosing your hardly worked for relationship. Then pause and wait. Don’t get caught up in the emotional dissatisfaction or unhappiness of an unresolved relationship crisis.

Together we can come up with something that can stop your partner from cheating and protect your relationship from any intruder. Spells, rituals, charms, portions are available to help you, and the one ending and lasting solution is a love binding What not to do After noticing that your partner is cheating on you or after seeing some visible signs of cheating in your marriage or relationship, there are things that you should avoid doing or saying because if you do, they just make matters worse. Situation can change from cheating lover to lost lover. The advise I give to people, is when you notice cheating signs or real cheating, try to solve the matters personally by fixing what you think went wrong from your perspective or seek help from us at www mugwenudoctors.com or call +254740637248. Avoid confronting your partner any time you see the signs even if they are crystal clear.

Confrontations can make the situation worse. It is better to sit down and try to solve the problem amicably. In case your partner has been cheating on you because he or she is tired of you but scared to let you know, once you confront them, they can start to do more bad things openly to clearly show you that they are tired. This can just leave you more troubled and confused of what to do next. Never look or sound desperate to your cheating partner. Showing your partner that you can do everything to keep the relationship, that you can not live without them, that you are so hurt can trigger them to take you for granted. It can make your cheating partner feel proud and since your partner is involved with another person, sometimes they can just pay little or no attention to you and it just leave you hurt.

Never start any kind of fight with your cheating partner. It can be a ground your partner has been looking for him/her to totally get rid of you. Remember people cheat for many reason and one of the reason can be; your partner is tired of you but fear to let you know or chase you out. So once you start a fight out of anger, it can be an excuse for your partner to break up with you. Avoid any kind of fighting weather psychical or verbal. Try to avoid being angry, doing or saying things out anger, there are things you can say/ do that even if you get the relationship back on line, your partner can not forget about them. Imagine telling your partner that "I did not even like you, you are too fat for me or you are nothing to me you can not even satisfy me with that 1 inch cassava".

Even if your relationship is fixed and protected, do you think those words can easily disappear from your partner's heart? Avoid doing the same thing your partner is doing in the way of revenge rather concentrate on finding why your partner is cheating and try to fix it. If your partner is cheating because you can not satisfy him/ her. Try a way you can satisfy not to revenge on them. Mind anything you are doing. if you handle the situation anyhow, expect your cheating partner to become your ex partner. ​Cheating and binding spells These spells can work quite differently than a spell that makes someone to love you. The main work of these spells is to make your partner love and only pay attention to you not to love anyone else but you. A spell of this nature may either be a barrier-erecting spell or it may be a binding spell.

If your partner is prone to cheating, then you are looking to bind that person to you. If you are trying to protect your partner from a specific man or woman leading him or her astray, then you would use a barrier spell so that your partner can be protected. Binding a person to you spiritual energy is linked in order to prevent that person from going astray. In erecting a spiritual barrier, you are essentially placing protection around that individual. Imagine a man or a woman attempting to pursue your partner, but constantly running into obstacles that keep him or her away. This is what the spell would do – keep unscrupulous individuals away from your spouse or lover. Sounds incredible? Yes, indeed it is. So contact me today, no matter how messy is your situation maybe. Me and you can sort it out. For more, click here. Or call us on +254740637248.

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