1. The Dutch Tycoon Tob Cohen married evil Sarah Wairimu Kamotho in 2017, they didn't have any kids. Since then she has assaulted him severally.
2. On February 2019, she pushed him down the stairs and hurt his head badly.
3. Tired of the domestic violence, Cohen moved to court and filed a divorce. While the divorce hearing proceeded, Sarah and Cohen slept in separate rooms and were not talking to each other.
4. Impersonating Cohen, Sarah Wairimu
forged 3 letters and sent them to Cohen's lawyer, outlining how he would love to share the wealth with the wife.
5. Cohen disowned the content of the letters. During all this time, Wairimu was constantly threatening and assaulting Cohen. Cohen shared this information with friends, Family members and the lawyer.
6. On the fateful day, she tortured the husband, probably forcing him to surrender all the documents and reveal all the secrets of his investments.
7. Then she killed him, rubbed his body with multiple layers of clothes and dumped the body in the septic tank. (In a sewage)
8. She covered the concrete lid. Then covered the septic tank with branches and leaves. To conceal it. Then she went quiet as if nothing happened
9. When the news about missing Cohen started trending, she coached the workers who went ahead to give false counts.
10. It is Cohen's family that reported the missing. It took the efforts of the Dutch embassy and Dutch police to have Wairimu questioned, detained, arrested and remanded.
11. One worker recanted his statement and gave a true account of everything. Which finally lead to the recovery of the body.!!!!

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