Saturday August 3, 2019-Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement(NRM) general,Miguna Miguna, has excited Kenyans after he urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

On Friday, Uhuru who is a chain smoker, urged Kenyans to make lifestyle changes if they want to defeat cancer.

Uhuru’s choice of words did not auger well with Miguna Miguna, who urged the President to stop preaching water while taking wine and initiate the move of him quitting cigarettes and marijuana which are health hazardous.

“Kenyans are waiting to see you quit smoking cigarettes and ganja, Mr. Despot. Cigarette smoking causes lung cancer. Live by example. Stop preaching water when you drink chang’aa”," Miguna wrote.

Miguna’s response has excited Kenyans who now think it is the lawyer who needs to stop taking marijuana which according to some could be the cause for bitterness he has for Uhuru.

“All time bitterness is cancerous too. A true leader must guide people with sobriety and tolerance not always immersing the population into rage the way you do. Wean yourself out of tweets and hit the hard ground the way Fidel Castro did. Enough of all these," Martin Oduor wrote  on Twitter.


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