Friday August 9, 2019 - Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was denied access to his County offices by the High Court on Thursday.

Governor Waititu had appealed a decision to bar him from conducting his official duties as a Sh588 million graft case against him is decided by the courts.

In the ruling, High Court Judge, Grace Ngenye, however, gave the embattled Governor only one day to collect any of his belongings from the County office accompanied by police officers.

Ngenye did not specify about the day but emphasized that after he had collected his possessions, he must keep away from the offices.

The judge further justified her decision to uphold the ruling by Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi stating that the precedent was set by High Court’s Justice Mumbi Ngugi.

Justice Mumbi ruled that Governors should not be allowed to continue to execute County duties once they are charged in court.

The judge further upheld that the Sh15 million bail amount set by Magistrate Mugambi was appropriate.


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