Monday August 12, 2019-Kwale Women Representative Zuleikha Hassan has admitted she planned the baby drama that ensued in Parliament last week.

The MP, who brought parliamentary activities to a standstill after walking into chambers with the infant, said she had informed her hubby about what she was going to do in the Assembly that day.

The Woman Rep said she arrived at the plan with her man after learning late on Tuesday, August 6, that their nanny would not be available to take care of the infant the following day, Nation reported.

“I said this is enough. Why should I miss work just because I have a baby? I called my hubby and explained to him and he gave me the go-ahead,” said Zuleikha.

 What followed was for the female politician to draw a script of how to sneak the baby into the debating chambers and drive the point home. Upon reaching the precincts of Parliament, she properly dressed her baby in the cab she had hired and tactfully assessed for a loophole in the heavily guarded premise.

Zuleikha said her target was to ensure she got the attention of the Speaker first, thus her entry point was to be strategic.

She avoided the tight security at the main entrance and easily beat the 'absent-minded' orderly at the back door of the National Assembly and made it into the chambers.

 "The security team tried to stop me but it was very late. I was already in the Chamber. I went straight to the front row where I wanted the Speaker to notice me easily and started breastfeeding my little angel," she said.

 To her expectations, acting Speaker Chris Omulele 'played into her trap' and ordered her out of the chambers with immediate effect.



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