Mugwenu doctors shot to fame last week after it emerged that he was behind the mysterious swarm of bees that attacked a suspected car thief in Mwanza Town into surrendering to police to confess his sins.

It was reported that, while pausing as a client who wanted to hire the car, Francis - the suspected car thief - spiked the car owner’s drink at a local pub, as they negotiated the price before driving it off.

Upon regaining consciousness, John manzi, a well-known car hire dealer in Mwanza Town, consulted mugwenu doctors who did some abracadabra witchcraft that saw bees track Sikadi and attack him two days later.

So fierce was the attack that Sikadi was forced to drive the car to a nearby police post and surrender to the authorities.

A writhing Sikad run into the police station, even as the bees continued stinging him as a crowd of curious onlookers followed him and watched in awe.

Mugwrnu, popularly known by his nickname “papa ”, is a Vihiga -based Tanzanian witchdoctor, well known in Vihiga County for helping people recover lost property, protecting property and punishing his client’s adversaries by bewitching them.

He, however, distanced himself from recent swarms of bees that attacked the Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka and believed to have been sent to disrupt his rally by his Ford Kenya rival Wycliffe Wangamati.

The Bungoma governor has since sued his gubernatorial competitor Wangamati, accusing him of, among other underhand tactics like hiring youth to disrupt his rallies, “sending bees” to disrupt his political meetings.

“I only help people get their property back by use of bees, when other methodologies fail, as an agent of recovery. Nothing else,” the witchdoctor told the Crazy Monday, adding that he has used bees in many instances and it’s only that last week’s incident made it to national news.

The Tanzanian told Crazy Monday that he inherited the black magic power” and black arts from his late grandfather back in Tanazania.

“He usually showed me certain roots that he used to treat his fellow villagers suffering from various ailments in their village in Tanazania . We always had swarms of bees in our home, but they never stung anyone. Our family had a special relationship with the insects.

With time I learnt from my dad how to control them and that’s how I ended up incorporating them in my practice just like my father,” he said.

He said his first consultancy job was after a distraught villager approached him, claiming that his cow had been stolen and wanted it recovered and perpetrator punished.
It is then that he instructed the bees after giving the cow owner some “special water” to rain on the suspect, forcing him to bring back the cow.

Word spread and before he knew it, more villagers approached him, including businessmen, who wanted their property guarded or recovered.

“I have helped recover property and even offered protection to businesses using bees. These bees are like my children and when I instruct them they do my biding. I, however, do not use them to harm anyone for no reason,” said the witchdoctor, adding that he had to shift base to Kenya after demand for his services soared early this year.

He said most of the requests he has so far received were on recovering of lost property from as far as Mombasa and Kisii.

Mugwenu said how he goes about it is his secret and there is some “special water” in the mix that he tells them to apply when in need and will see results between two to three days.

“I can unleash them (bees) to harm anyone but I restrain them to this profession (witchcraft) so that people can recover their stolen property,” he said. So if you have any theft case just contact him on +254740637248 or visit www.mugwenudoctors.com and learn more about his wonderful powers and works

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