Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - Joe Mwangi, the former manager of celebrated teen gymnast, Wendy Waeni, has come out guns blazing to defend himself against the accusations leveled against him.

She went ahead to state that Joe also took control of her social media platforms and has refused to grant her access.

“Her story saw Kenyans baying for Joe’s head and called for DCI to arrest him for interrogation.”

However, Joe has given her side of the story and shared receipts of money paid to Wendy’s mother and school fees he paid for her from his own pocket.

He went on to reveal that he was forced to confiscate Wendy’s phone because she was spending most of her time on the internet browsing adult content.

Check out his tweets below.


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  1. Kenyans need to learn the art of deciphering all the four sides of a coin before hurling insults or worse... bricks at anyone. The teens of today have all the four sides. Side one and two are the black and white, easy to ready and understand. This is the side they often poroject at home, public, church and school. Side three is the round side with grooves, often oblique and not easy to see unless you turn the coin upright, feel it and peer closely at the grooves. Finally, there is the inside which is hidden, and unknown to others but often known only to self or very close knit peers.... birds of a feather. This is the side that is only seen when we break, melt or scan/x-ray the damn coin. this is what we are now seeing in this evolving story! Afrosinema continues...