Thursday August 8, 2019 - National Intelligence Service (NIS) has admitted intercepting a twenty foot container from China that was donated to Kenya’s National Assembly.

The container was full of computers that were to be given to MPs especially Chairmen of National Assembly Committees.

According to reports, NIS officials suspected that the computers were to be used as spy tools against the MPs over several projects funded by China that had caused jitters.

NIS said the computers may have been intended to monitor MPs’ debates and discussions on the divisive China-Kenya relations issue, especially on the mega-projects financed by Beijing.

“We are looking at a possibility that some people in China may have become worried by the concerns being raised by some politicians about some of the mega projects they are undertaking in Kenya and thus saw the need to monitor such talk through eavesdropping.”

“This would enable them to determine how to counter such concerns,” said a senior NIS source.

The donation consisted of 46 laptops, five projectors and four cameras.


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