Thursday August 8, 2019 - Residents of Bomet County were left with their mouths wide open after the newly sworn in Bomet Governor, Dr Hillary Barchok, hired a new car for his inauguration.

Birchok, was sworn in as Governor on Thursday in a ceremony attended by Deputy President William Ruto.

The decision to hire a new car goes against earlier claims that the County had bought a brand new luxurious Lexus car for Dr Hillary Barchok.

But the online community has not taken lightly the fact that Bomet County is struggling to get a new car for the incoming Governor.

Most Netizens are demanding to know what the late Governor, Dr Joyce Laboso, used that the incoming one cannot continue using.

One social media user, Abdullahi Ali, has asked the Bomet County Government to consider using the cars left by the Laboso regime instead of investing in buying a new one which is a waste of mwananchi’s funds.

“The office of the governor must have had a vehicle. That was not a personal car. That vehicle is for the office not personal unless it has mechanical problem which I doubt. Anew car not a priority for now. Some governors and their deputies are using the vehicles bought during 2013,”  he stated.

Late Laboso succumbed to ovarian cancer two weeks ago.


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  1. the old one has radiation due to curing of the cancer she had.

    for the safety of the new governor, he can't be allowed to us the radiation car, least he get cancer due to radiation.