Sunday, August 18, 2019-A lady  has stabbed her boyfriend in the chest and killed him on the spot before fleeing on  a motorcycle.

The lady identified as, Natalie Atieno,accosted her 29 year old  boyfriend in  Gikuni Village, Kabete Constituency and stabbed him over 15 times in the chest, killing him on the spot.

According to witnesses, Mwangi was engaged in a heated argument with her lover in Friday evening before she grabbed a kitchen and stabbed him.

She then fled from the scene on a motorcycle with another man alleged to be her other lover.

Kabete Police Commander Anthony Maina said a manhunt for the perpetrators of the heinous murder  has been launched .

"Please, let us consider other ways of handling disagreements in households instead of taking the law into our own hands and killing each other,” the police boss said.

Here’s a photo of the murderer.

See the boyfriend she stabbed to death.


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