Sunday, August 4, 2019 - Around 2016, a woman identified as Josephine Wanjeri Thuku, took Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to court over child neglect.

The woman filed a case at a local court in Kwale seeking for upkeep money after the Governor failed to provide for his son’s basic needs.

Sonko’s son who is 19 years old now is identified as Maxwell.
Josephine revealed that despite the Governor’s deep pockets and philanthropic activities, he doesn’t take care of his own son.

She further said that her son is very bitter with his wealthy dad because he splashes money on other kids in the country but he has never provided even a single penny for his upkeep.

 “My son is a very bitter young man as he gets to hear how his father takes care of other kids in the country while he is neglected. He has been forced to weather the mockery of other children who deride him, because his father passes through Kwale splashing cash and never bothering to visit him.”

He takes his family on expensive holiday trips, sleeping in posh hotels and travelling all over the world, while my sons are languishing,” Josephine said in an interview after suing Sonko.
The young man resembles Governor Sonko and there’s no DNA needed to prove that he is the biological father of Maxwell.

On social media, he calls himself Maxwell Mbuvi.

It’s an irony to see Sonko behaving like a saint and calling out dead beat dads yet he has neglected his own son.

Check out photos of Maxwell.

Here’s Josephine.



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