Thursday August 29, 2019-Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Mumbi Waiguru on Wednesday wished the earth would open and swallow her after she was caught red handed lying to hawk eyed netizens.

In a post in Facebook, Waiguru said that Nyeri County Assembly MCAs had rejected Punguza Mzigo Initiative setting precedent for their colleagues from other counties to follow suit.

She argued that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was a better alternative.

“I've said before , Mt. Kenya is fully in support of BBI as evidenced today in Nyeri County where the bill presented by Ekuru Aukot has been rejected by the whole assembly,"
"Nyeri County, has set the precedence, other counties are most likely to follow. These are signs of the times ahead," Waiguru wrote in a Facebook post.

But in a fast rejoinder Nyeri county speaker, Kaguchia John dismissed Waiguru’s remarks saying the county is considering Punguza Mzigo bill before it passes it.

Kaguchia also questioned on why Waiguru would make such claims touching on a county that is not under her control.


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  1. These are the kind of self centered leaders Kenyans do not deserve. They do not care about Wanjiku but their own stomachs.Come 2022 and we send them to oblivion.