Virginal - Pure, untainted, chaste and preserving oneself for that special someone. Isn’t that what we would all like? But what are the lengths we would go to attain and maintain this glorious state.

James grew up in a family of born again Christians. Ever since he can remember, the you-must-stay-a-virgin-until-marriage gospel has been drummed into his head, and he swears to keep it at whatever cost. That is not so hard because his girlfriend Juliet is born again too.
One night after they had attended a wedding, Juliet found herself in his campus room. 

Temperatures soared and James was the one who threw in the towel, asking her to give in.
For a while there she thought that the precious moment when she was going to give away her priced candy had come. She was not going to just give him this special gift, but give it to him the doggy way. She had been told this was the most sensual and intimate of sexual positions, and so she closed her eyes and waited…. Then she felt it… she tried to tell him that it was not in the right hole.

But James was too taken up to stop. Anal sex then became something they did every day; forever determined to preserve themselves for the wedding night.

Linda and Roger are teenagers who decided to abstain. Theirs is not motivated by religious considerations, but they simply feel they are not ready to have sex.

“We do everything apart from penetrative sex,” says Linda, admitting she is too shy to tell the intimate details. “We enjoy it though, and we love each other very much.”

The sexual revolution has made the virginity borders very blurred indeed. The hymenoplasty craze may not have caught on in Uganda yet, mainly because even though virginity is highly valued, being a virgin does not necessarily ruin one’s future prospects of marriage or cause alienation.

There is however, wells of ways for those who did not have the fortitude to avoid sexual intercourse until marriage to get back their virginity, or at least a semblance of it. There are several Doctors like mugwenu doctors around africa, and a visit to them can equip you with quite a few tricks.

Doctor mugwenu who is based in Vihiga says that washing with water and tea leaves is one of the most available and effective remedies. Traditional herbs like Kamunye and Kibwankulata can also be used. These are pounded and pushed into a woman’s
He can also prepare a secret mixture of herbs and concoctions that are burnt as one squats over the smoke.

This, he says, is guaranteed to make the vagina so tight you will feel like a virgin all over again. All this for a simple fee of Kshs20,000.

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