Monday August 12, 2019-Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has discovered a crucial breakthrough in the fight against cancer. 

Sonko has received information from an Israeli group, Good Deeds Day, which named him their ambassador. 

The technology from IceCure Medical, based in Caesarea, Israel, uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy tumours and cancer cells. 

After administering anaesthesia, a doctor pumps very cold liquid nitrogen at -274F (-170C) through a needle guided by ultrasound scanning, to freeze the tumour without affecting the surrounding tissue.

The cancer cells cannot survive the conditions and the body is left to clean up the dead cancer cells. 

"To pilot the technology, I shall be willing to sponsor 10 cancer patients to Israel as a case study," vowed Sonko. 

"If found to be effective, through our partnership with the Global Good Deeds Day organisation in Israel, we shall sponsor at least seven doctors to Israel. They will be trained on how to use the devices then import them to be installed in our various public hospitals, just the way we installed cancer screening machines in our hospitals, where we are currently doing free cancer screening to all Kenyans," he added. 

Since the launch of free cancer screening in Nairobi, 33 cases have been diagnosed so far. 
The governor also gave a success story from the use of the Israeli technology. 

Baby Scandy Chelagat, from Kericho, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour which could not have been treated locally. 

"Through the Sonko Rescue Team (SRT) we never lost hope with this angel of God. We airlifted Scandy to Hyderabad, India where the doctors froze the cancer cells using this same Israel's technology and finally removed the cancerous tumour. 

"As we speak today, baby Scandy is out of danger after various further tests were done," he announced.


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