Saturday August 24, 2019-John Kanyua, a businessman from Juja Farm, Kiambu County, is not a happy man after his local bishop stole his wife of 26 years.

Kanyua could not understand why the bishop, who had presided over his wedding to the love of his life, Leah Wambui, had decided to commit such an act.

According to Kinyua, they were attending Joy Springs Church in Juja Farm, and the bishop fronted Leah to become an assistant pastor at the church after their wedding.

Agnes Wangivi, the pastor's wife, strongly objected the appointment but later gave in.

"I confronted Leah and threatened her not to play games with my husband. She looked innocent, and I gave in,” Agnes divulged.

The bishop's wife narrated that at times, her husband would invite Ms Leah over for dinner without Kanyua, her spouse. 

“This is when I started questioning their friendship. I confronted Kanyua to keep his wife away from my husband, but he seemed blindfolded. My husband developed cold feet on his family and ran away to Leah in 2015,” she revealed.

On his part, Kanyua revealed that the matter got out hand when the bishop would visit his house in the morning and spend the entire day locked with his wife inside the house.

He declared that he would not just sit and watch someone else move in with his family.

“This is unacceptable and I wouldn’t sit back and watch someone take my family. If the government does not intervene, I will choose my ways.

"It has taken me a lot to grow the family all those years. I will not allow the wedding to continue. I can also seek legal redress," Kanyua said.


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