Wednesday August 28, 2019-Hormuud Telcom mast was destroyed by Kenya Defense Forces on Thursday last week in Gedo, in a move that has escalated relationship between Kenya and Somalia.

The company is the largest telecommunication firm and it's said to be nearly dominant across all corners of Somalia. It's an equivalent to Safaricom of Kenya.

Last week, the company accused KDF of targeting its infrastructure besides killing a staff member in a previous attack. It also said a number of staff are recuperating in hospital.

"For the 12th time this year, KDF has detonated our masts in Aws-Karun at Gedo region of Jubbaland. The attack took place on August 22nd. The troops used powerful machines to destroy the equipment.

"In an earlier attack, the KDF troops killed one of our staff and injured others. These unlawful acts by KDF amounts to war crimes and will turnish the effort of international community to stabilise Somalia," the company said in a statement.

Despite the numerous complaints by Somalia following the incident in Jubbaland that coincided with Sheikh Madobe's victory, KDF is yet to release a formal statement.

But a soldier working with Kenya Air Force in Somalia, said in an exclusive interview that the company has been sponsoring Al-Shabaab activities.

"We are a progressive force. We don't just go around destroying infrastructure. The company has been funding Al-Shabaab. We had to destroy the mast," he said, adding that intelligence reports implicated the company.

So serious was the incident that even a US congresswoman, IIhan Omar, who has roots in Somalia, has called for answers and even recommended retribution against Kenya.

"Finally, the destruction of vital infrastructure is harmful not only to the Somalia/Kenya relationship, but to future investment in Somalia’s economy. I urge the Somalia Government to continue to seek answers and retribution," she said in a tweet.


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