Wednesday, August 28, 2019-A young couple is trending on twitter after their much hyped affair hit a snag.

Adrian and Nyambura have been parading PDAS on twitter  but 2 months  after the engagement,  things have gone south.

An aging sponsor has snatched Nyambura, popularly known  as mau-mauz daughter  on twitter, leaving  Adrian high and dry.

Nyambura posted photos swapping saliva with the aging sponsor and described him as her new bae.

She also revealed that she has already returned the engagement ring to Adrian 

The young  couple met on twitter.

Here are photos taken 2 months ago when they were hot in  love.

Here are photos of Nyambura and her new bae- an aging sponsor who seems to be squandering retirement benefits with her, prompting her to dump her young  boyfriend.


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