This confession of Kevin Okwara, a former aide of controversial prophet David Owuor is long but worth reading.
Sometime in 2006, we took a 3 day fast with a now famous Kenyan prophet. I was by then doubling as one of his assistants in ministry and I suggested we take a fast and retreat to recharge for the next crusades we had lined up. We had been to Eldoret, Kitale, Kakamega, Oyugis and many other towns
and fatigue was catching up. We were also very drained ‘spiritually’ so I suggested we take a three day fast. We agreed on a venue after consultation with close team members and off we drove to The Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha – a very posh place. We booked in at about 5pm in the Hotel.
The Great Rift Valley Hotel is a collection of many posh houses built by the who is who in Kenya as there holiday destination. When the houses are not in use they are leased to the hotel for hiring out to guest. The house we camped in for 3 days belonged to one wealthy lady (name withheld) in
Nairobi – one of the financial pillars of the ministry. We checked into this very elegant house, well furnished and the prophet took upon himself the task of assigning the rooms. He took the master bedroom and I was assigned another room by him.
My brief experience with the prophet had taught me to always say yes to anything he suggest and never question a thing. I therefore got into my room and we agreed to meet at later in the
night for prayers. We had carried lots of juice courtesy of the owner of the house and so we met in the living room at around 8pm and took some coffee and juice as we took stock of the many missions we had done together.
For me it was a privilege to sit so close to a world renown prophet. One who has been, not just to the US and UK but to heaven several times and one who speaks to God face to face. A man who had prophesied the tsunami and many other earth quakes and calamities around the world. What a privilege for a simple Kenyan business man like me. The feeling was good and I can confess there was great joy in my heart. As we sipped the juice and coffee late into the night, we talked about the country, missions, politics and about many servants of God in Kenya.

I got to know the sheep servants and the goat servants. I was informed about the next Kenyan
president and where Kenya will be in the near future. The conversation went late into the night and by 3am we had not even prayed. We therefore said a prayer and retired to bed. We spent three nights at the Great Rift Valley Lodge but the last night was the most interesting of all. I would therefore want to dwell on the details of the this night.
We met at about 10pm at the living room for our usual fellowship. This night was very important because the prophet revealed to me many things and especially about himself. I had many questions about his ministry and I especially wanted to know why he gave too much emphasis on the message of repentance and baptism. I wanted to know how his calling came about and about his family and education. After taking juice and coffee late into the night the prophet later told me what many Kenyans will never get to know.
This is Verbatim what Dr Prophet told me:
He is the ELIJAH the bible talks about in the book of Malachi 4:5… Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, Before the coming of the Great and dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn The hearts of the fathers to the children, And the hearts of the Children to their fathers, Lest I come
and strike the earth with a curse.
He is one of the witnesses the bible talks about in Rev 11:3 .. And I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days clothed in SACK
CLOTH…These are the two olive trees and the two lamb stands standing before the God of the earth… And if anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouth and devours their enemies, and if anyone wants to harm them, he must be killed in this manner (vs 6 very important ) These have the power to shut heaven so that no rain falls in the days of their prophesy and they have power over water to turn them to blood, and to strike the earth with all plagues as often as they desire..
For those who have walked with the prophet will correlate his activities with the above
verses. This explains why Dr Owour’s message is mainly centered on
Baptism, – I have been in many meetings where he has RE-BAPTIZED people including pastors children. The reason for doing this he says is because most of us were baptized in DIRTY waters and with BAAL pastors and that baptisms are not recognized in heaven. Amazingly many pastors have
fallen victims of this. I personally resisted his baptism and this is one reason I fell out of favour with him. Many people have no idea the significance of this action (baptism). The prophet believes that once you have been baptized by him you will automatically enter heaven. Just like John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of the Lord so shall Dr Owour (Elijah) prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord.
Repentance and ( Sack Cloth Phenomenon) The first time this was practiced in the Kapsakwony Repentance Crusade. I attended this meeting to only be met by women and men dressed in sack cloths. I don’t know who gave the instruction for the people to put on sack cloths because at this time I was not in a very good relations with the prophet! The scene was awful and disgusting. This was the last crusade I attended. I remember leaving the venue before the meeting ended. Old ladies and girls were actually naked.
The entire meeting was in a morning mood and the people put on sack cloths that were see through. You could almost see the inner garments of the wailing women. AWFUL.!! Judgment pronunciations (Those who have been close to the prophet will attest to this. He loves to pronounce judgement. You
will have noticed by now that all his prophesies have been about -bloodshed, earthquakes, fighting, drought etc. I remember a Bishops wife from Kakamega who went into a fast for 40days because the Prophet told her that He had shut the Heavens over her life. The lady was afraid and really cried to the Lord.
Many people have been held hostage over this pronunciations. For instance, when I left the Ministry, judgement was pronounced over my life. It was said that I will die through a motor
vehicle accident and even the specific place was given. This was shown to the prophet in a vision. …. I am still alive and I am NOT DYING SOON.
He believes he is the last prophet to come on earth. Dr Owour believes NOBODY TALKS TO GOD DIRECTLY APART FROM HIM. He is the ultimate authority in a persons life. The people who work with him, FEAR him to death. They are afraid of judgement over their lives. Anything the prophet says is Gospel truth. On one occasion he anointed a couple who were preparing for their wedding with wine. Yes I said wine. After the couple had married – they were joined by a pastor friend of mine – they disagreed and fought several times and the marriage was going to be dissolved were it not for a sister friend who prayed with them. I believe they are now happily married!
Now back to theology. Many theologians believe that the two witnesses mentioned in Rev11 are Elijah and Moses. I therefore asked Him whether the Lord had revealed to him where Moses was on earth. He answered to the affirmative, meaning that the Lord had already revealed to him that Moses was somewhere on earth but they were yet to meet. You can imagine what I was feeling at
that moment. Sitting next to Elijah the prophet. Even the most mighty of preachers have not had the privilege of talking to him (Elijah).
I must have been blessed!!mmmmmmmm When we were talking over a cup of coffee – ‘the time about 2am and only me and Elijah in a living room in Naivasha’ I remembered what the bible says in Rev 11:7 – 10 and I quote .. “When they finish their testimony, the beast that ascended out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them and kill them. And their bodies DEAD bodies will lie in the streets of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt where also our Lord was crucified. ……….. Andthose who dwell in the earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another because this prophets tormented those who dwell on the
I asked him weather he was aware about this verse and weather he knew that one day he will die and his body will be in Jerusalem for three days. ….. He told me that he was fully aware of that and he knows that he will be killed and the body will surely lie on the streets of Jerusalem. Now this is deep. Very deep indeed. I realized that he was silent for sometime and I became afraid. Maybe I had asked something I shouldn’t have asked. Fear gripped me. I also went silent. Then he told me that he would want to tell me something that I should NEVER tell anybody otherwise I WILL DIE. This secret is only revealed to his very close confidants and only after the Lord has allowed it. ” YES I WILL DIE IN MARCH 19th 2016…. You should never tell anybody this date otherwise you will DIE”.
If you are reading this note you may think that I am out of my mind but all the things are writing here are verbatim. It was me and Prophet Owuor in Naivasha 2006. I have since shared this with many pastors who think I am out of my mind and will not believe anything I tell them. The most interesting thing is that he shared this date with many of his confidants and none of us could dare share mention it. We were afraid of the consequences -DEATH. None of us has since died and many have left, yes been delivered from the ministry. When you are a follower of the Repent Kenya Ministry you cant just leave. The spell is HEAVY. No amount of convincing gets a man out. Its the Lord’s MERCY that will deliver you.
So how was his calling. I wanted to really know how he came to meet the Lord. Long story! The prophet does not give you a specific date when he came to the Lord and about his conversion. What we dwelt on that night was the divine visitations he kept on having when in the US. We talked about his life in Israel, US and Mexico and finally the calling to come to Kenya. He told me that after his many visitations he tried to seek help from many men of God including T.D Jakes and Benny Hinn but non wanted to help. As we discussed Hinn and his ministry, the prophet remembered a vision where the LORD took the mantle from Hinn and placed it on him (Owuor). At this point he told me that Hinn will be no more because the Lord has transferred all the anointing to him.
Dr Owuor has no mentor and no reference from any brother or sister from the countries he came from. I have since tried to get any details about him from Mexico where he claims that he prophesied the Tsunami but I have not received a single pastor who has written back saying he has an idea about him. All the returned emails say they have no idea about who Dr Owuor is. Strange! Most of the details about his calling are given in his videos and they are a collection of blasphemous statements. Statements that make our LORD look like a pale shadow of who Dr Owuor is. Most of the followers are under a heavy spell and they cannot see anything wrong with the ministry or Owuor as a person. I pray that you get the videos and weigh them against the word of God and you will realize the extent of blasphemy.!!!
We discussed some of his divine experiences which I will leave it to you to decide the extent of its biblical standing. He told me that there are many times HIS SPIRIT WOULD GET OUT OF HIS BODY … and that he experiences this phenomenon several times where he gets out of the body and can see his ‘dead’ body. When this happens he is allowed to see and do many things in the spirit. What this means biblically, I leave it to you to decide.
We broke the fast abruptly after the Lord spoke to him to do so. When he woke up the next morning he said to me that the Lord had instructed him to go back to Nairobi. Therefore we packed and left by 5pm to the city – back to Riverside estate. We escaped a fatal accident near the Nairobi/Naivasha
Junction. Thanks to God for his mercy.
There are things I would like you to note about the fasting and prayer retreat we had with the prophet
We never ever spent time praying. Never did he share anything in the scripture with me apart from the times I asked him very direct questions. We only met in the night – say from 8pm to sometimes 3am in the morning. All this time we drunk coffee and juice while talking. We talked about missions, government, politics and mainly about men of God. We never spent time praying. The only time he prayed for say 1 minute was when we were to go to bed and that was about 3am in the morning. Dr Owuor spent the entire day in his room.
At night he would share with me about his divine visitations in his room. On one occasion he told me that Angel Gabriel had visited. He spent most of the day with the archangel. Other details and things that I experienced and saw are too weighty to dare write them here. If you don’t believe the above you may never believe any other thing I tell you.I hope that this explains much about Owuorism. I stand by every word I have written. I would like to say that this details are with many men of God who fear has gripped their hearts. Dare NOT TOUCH THE LORDS ANOINTED.
If I continued in the ministry the following would have happened. Death, divorce and bankruptcy. I would have lost my family. I thank the Lord for Pastor Mungai, Sister Pauline from Nairobi and many simple men and women that the Lord uses mightily and who prayed tirelessly for me and delivered
me from this ministry. By the way the name REPENT KENYA was my idea. I did the first letter head in my office in Eldoret. I suggested the name and the prophet was in agreement. The name has since changed to Repentance and Holiness ministry. I will later post details on how I was asked to leave my
wife, the death of a young lady from Kitale in the ministry, How my car (Musso) sank in Lake victoria, The Kakamega rain that never was, The prophesy and announcement of my death in oyugis by the prophet, and many more. For any questions forward them to Email: Kevinokwara@gmail.com. You
are not compelled to agree with all I have said. Let the Lord Himself talk to you.
I am holding brief for No one. I take responsibility to tell Kenyans the truth because I was heavily involved in the ministry. I introduced the prophet to Eldoret, Kitale, kakamega, Siaya Busia and many
more places.
God will not reprimand you for doing an evaluation of any of His prophets.I challenge you to do a check on the following in the Repentance and Holiness Ministry
The foundational believes of the Ministry.
Compare with the written word of God. Many people who are followers have no idea about the Ministerial doctrine. The doctrine is Dr Owuor. It depends on his prophecies and it changes with time. He can say this today and something else tomorrow 2. How comes most of the confidants are divorced or separated. Fred Otieng the assistant who carries the prophets bible separated from his wife and he is proud about it. When traveling from Kisumu with him, he proudly told me that he cannot share his bed with his wife. He is separated and sanctified to walk with the prophet. Do you own homework and find out how many marriages are broken. A sister came to me for advice – the prophet had told her that the hubby is a free mason and she therefore needs to separate. I was advised never to come and pick the prophet in the company of my wife. She was called a demon and satanic.
I wonder how many of his ardent followers know about the doctrine of sanctification that the Owuorians believe. You need to abstain from having sex with your wife for seven days before you minister with him. Heeeeee your wife will run away if you are ministering all the Sundays in the year – wangine in mwezi moja….. I remember a brother was whisked away from the podium in Kapsakwony. When asked why I was told that the prophet had discerned something.. the guy had
not observed the doctrine of sanctification 3. Prophesies that have come true
1 When in oyugis the prophet prophesied that there will soon be two moons. Really!!!!
2 Kibaki will never see presidency. He became President.
3 Nairobiwill be flattened by a massive earthquake. Nairobi is being built including the super highway
4 Kevin will die in a motor accident. In fact he told a congregations of pastors in Oyugis that I was dead already. I am alive and not going to the grave soon
5 The work the Lord sent him to do in Kenya is finished. He even told Kenya bye on KBC TV. He went briefly and is back to Kenya.
6 He laid a curse in Eldoret. Kakamega, Kitale. One day we went 11 pastors from Eldoret to see him in Nairobi. He kept is waiting for more than five hours only to meet us and read to us Mal 2. Find out what that means
7 The list is endless.
What does Owour call the other churches… BAAL CHURCHES. Its only Kings Outreach Churches that are Heaven bound Ask me the significant of His beard. He says the Lord commanded him to leave the beard until all his judgement on Kenya come true. We are waiting.
How comes the ministry leaves broken churches, Christian unions, and homes etc Some people have quit work and are fasting waiting for the coming of the Lord. His followers see no God in other churches.
Where does the prophet get his funding.
The first time he preached – he was against security. Today there is no man of God who is heavily guarded with state security like Owuor The kind of life the prophet leaves is no ordinary life. He is a spendthrift and a lover of good life. I have lived with him and I know The list is endless. Do your homework.


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