Friday August 23, 2019 - Annah Mutheu, a rich Machakos witchdoctor, has filed a report at Tala Police Station, alleging that her life is in danger.

Ms Mutheu reported that unidentified people had called into a live radio show and stated that she was hiding Ksh30 million at her home in Tala.

Reports further divulged that she had been receiving calls from unknown people, who say that they wanted the money. 

“They have threatened to break into my house and take the said Ksh30 million,” a police report stated.

She further clarified that she did not have such an amount of money in her house.

“I also don’t earn Ksh1.8 million in a day as claimed by the callers on radio,” she noted.

In an interview done in 2017, Mutheu claimed that she gets around 60 to 80 clients per day, and charges Ksh 1,000 as 'consultation fees'.

“Most people assume that witch doctors are poor and lead miserable lives.”

“That is not the case.”

“I am a woman of means and my juju business has made me rich,” she said.

Mutheu also revealed that she had invested heavily in her lavish house and looks, which in turn, helped her attract clients.


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