Saturday August 17, 2019-Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok on Friday shared the same platform with ODM leader Raila Odinga. 

The leaders, who met in Turkana for the annual Tobong‘u Lore Festival, engaged in a heated argument after Nanok accused Raila of sidelining the region since he decided to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

The governor, who was ejected from ODM in June after he pledged to work with Deputy President William Ruto, told Raila to his face that he had abandoned the region even after he got a piece of the national cake. 

He said that the handshake has benefitted residents of his backyard in Nyanza, Western and Coastal regions but not Turkana.

“We discovered that the hare was distributed in Nyanza and a bit of the meat was shared in Western and the Coast. Here in Turkana where we fought so hard for the party, we have nothing to show. If this is what had me ejected from the party, then so be it!” he charged.

In a quick rejoinder, the former PM said that the claims by Nanok were baseless. He reminded him that no one kicked him out of the party. 

He also said that he has done his best to ensure that national resources are shared equally among all Kenyans regardless of the tribe or region they come from.

He reminded the governor that he doesn’t control how resources are distributed but he has given his best since he agreed to work with President Uhuru, who is completing his second and final term in power.

“No one kicked Nanok out of the party, if he wants to come back he is free to do so,” Odinga responded.



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