Saturday August 31, 2019-Politics surrounding impending Phase two eviction from Mau forest could further escalate differences within Jubilee administration.

This is after Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi took a swipe at President Uhuru Kenyatta yet again, accusing him of alleged hypocrisy, revisiting circumstances surrounding the eviction.

Speaking yesterday, Sudi read malice in the eviction, arguing that Uhuru had opposed the evictions in 2009 and even attended a fundraiser to help the victims resettle.

The firebrand MP also insisted that Uhuru's family should consider donating around 7,000 Ha and Daniel Moi's family 10,000 Ha, adding that the two families own grabbed land.

"My humble request to Uhuru over Mau evictions is that he fundraised for this people when Raila Odinga was chasing them. He came in 2013 and asked them to vote for him. What Happened after 2017 that makes him to plot to kick them away?

"Stop damaging the lives of the poor because you're not going to contest. Children in Mau are like those in your house. If you want to chase them, you have over 50,000 Ha. Give them around 7,000 because after all the land is not yours," he said.

The evictions could yet again test the consciousness of the Deputy President William Ruto, who happens to come from Rift Valley. He has remained mum over the impending evictions.



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