Wednesday August 28, 2019-A group of Kaya elders from Mijikenda community in the Coast have sensationally claimed that Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was not a member of Kikuyu community.

In tales based on their own origin, the elders claimed that the founding father was born to Digo parents before he was banished for being unruly.

Nobody knew exactly when he was born. Kenyatta himself, during his trial in 1952 on allegations of managing the Mau Mau, told the judge: “I do not know when I was born, what date, what month, or what year — but I think I am over 50.”

Thirteen years later, in a letter to the Royal Mint, he said his 75th birthday would be in 1966, meaning he was born in 1891.

Led by Mzee Juma Mwachuphi, the elders claimed that the first president had roots in the coast, arguing that it informs his multiple trips to the region.

“Niliambiwa (Jomo Kenyatta) alizaliwa Digo na Wadigo lakini baada ya kuzaliwa alionekana ni kisirani kwa hivyo akatupwai.”

 “Alipotupwa wakatokea watu wakamchukua wakaenda naye bara. Lakini mpaka sasa watoto visirani wanazaliwa japo hawatupwi tena lakini hao (Wadigo) wa kale walikuwa wakiwatupa,” stated Mwachuphi in Swahili.

Despite their narrative, historical records however, indicate that Mzee Kenyatta was born to Muigai and Wambui, both from Kiambu in 1880s.

He was born Kamau wa Muigai before being baptised Johnson Kamau wa Ngengi. He went on to lead the country for 15 years from 1963.

Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died coincidentally in the coast at State House while he was attending to state functions. He was buried in Parliament.



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  1. forget the fallacy of being rude The digo story is to legalize the coast grabbed lands.
    ask yourselves, which man marries and lives in his wife homeland: cooked lies of the article writer. He's kikuyu mungiki for real.
    If the digo exiled him for being rude that is also false: the would only exile him for his abnormalities of 6 leg toes on each leg and 6 fingers on his hands. But not being rude: his brother saved him, when the digo elders plant to sacrifice his to their ritual gods cos of his abnormalities. And the white missionaries saved him and was adopted by a mt Kenya, to took him to mt Kenya and hence him becoming a member of the mt Kenya mungikis with his cold blooded traits passed to his kids.
    The digo pitch may be true in justifying all those looted grab land at the coast. The rudeness is a cover up of his body abnormalities that was not accepted in the african traditions.

  2. Why did they not make that claim while he was alive? That is nonsensical; his immediate blood relatives are in Kikuyuland and are well known and documented. Those making those wild claims are known for sex, sex and more sex and nothing more. Lastly, they are the poorest of the poor, hopeless.