Thursday August 22, 2019-Chief Justice David Maraga on Thursday found himself in unfamiliar territory after angry protesters stormed a meeting he had hosted at the Sarova Whitesands Hotel in Mombasa.

Maraga, who is at the Coast with other judicial officers, was hosting the Annual Judges Colloquium (conference).

The chief complaint amongst many of the protesters was that some corrupt judges were being shielded from prosecution, despite their tainted images.

They also accused Maraga and his Judiciary of frustrating the war on corruption and drug abuse, by protecting notorious drug barons in the coastal region from prosecution.

In statements laden with emotions, some of the protesters called for the immediate firing of the wayward judges, whom they accused of being a party to the death of their children.

The protesters took issue with the chief justice for sleeping on the job, wanting him to immediately bow out of his position.

"We want the CJ to resign. He has failed Kenyans," said one of the women.

Maraga, who seemed unaware of what was happening, was soon forced outside to address the concerns of the irate residents who were threatening to make their way to the venue and disrupt the function.

He went out to meet the placard-bearing residents and boda boda riders who were shouting and hooting incessantly.

"Do you have any memorandum you have written? I cannot address your issues without a memorandum," the CJ told the protestors, amidst heavy police presence.

He reminded protesters that court cases are handled on the basis of evidence, and asked any of the protesters to table whatever they had in order for the legal process to begin.



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