Wednesday, August 28, 2019-A disabled Kenyan passenger has narrated how he was mistreated by Ethiopian Airlines staff.

Narrating his experience on social media, the man who was flying to America  wrote, "
Ethiopian Airline this morning (5am) -shockingly because of my disability- told me I shouldn’t be flying their airline. I was to travel to the USA for a tight-scheduled fellowship program at a certain University in America. My ticket clearly indicates I am a wheelchair user and will be traveling alone. The night Supervisor a lady who introduced herself as Judy refused to listen to me; even when I tried hard to get her attention, she just ignored me. Generally, my disability-inclusive-advocacy is a persuasive approach and not combative. “Please, we don’t have a provision for a disabled person who is traveling alone” impolitely she will insist.

 I have traveled severally alone and with other airlines but my first time with Ethiopian airline is this harrowing experience that they could not even check me in. They left me alone and stranded without any options. Up to this hour, nobody called me and no official apologies. This clearly goes against the policies and guidelines of Kenya Airport Authority and other International disability traveling laws that this Airline subscribes to including; America’s Air Carrier Access Act (ACCA) which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in air travel. -which applies to all flights to or from the United States by foreign airlines such as this Airline. A friend shared with me recently at Bole international Airport they removed his calibers making him more disabled. Disability is not about our impairments but rather about barriers across many of us with different impairments. And the worst barrier is our attitude towards those who ‘appear’ different than us.


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  1. Sue the shit out of this goofy airline