Tuesday, August 20, 2019-It has emerged that Murang’a Women Rep, Sabina Chege, lived with the late singer J0hn De-Mathew for 3 years before they parted ways.

De-Mathew featured Sabina Chege in his hit love song, Njata Yakwa, where she acted as his lover, leading to rumours that there was something deep between the two.

Back then, Sabina was an actress.

The rumour has been settled after a man who used to be neighbours with De-Mathew revealed that he lived together with Sabina Chege  in Gathiruini Estate, Kiambu  as husband and wife for three years.

That was around 1995.

The deceased neighbor  said that he won’t be surprised if other women show up because that is the life of a musician.

 “Maybe others might show up. That is a life of a musician. I think you go to a place to sing and get happy with a girl. Sabina Chege lived at DeMathew’s home in Gathiruini Estate sometimes in 1995 or thereabout,” Stanley Maina, a neighbor who claimed to have known the two said.
Sabina Chege was among the leaders who sent emotional tributes to De-Mathew after his sudden demise on Sunday.

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