Wednesday, August 14, 2019- Kenyan artists are up in arms after they received peanuts from Music Corporate Society of Kenya (MCSK).

Most of the artists who have been churning out hits for over a  decade received less than Ksh 3, 000 from the music  royalty paying body that has been marred with corruption.

Legendary singer, Suzanna Owiyo, is among the artists who received peanuts from MCSK.

Despite being in the music industry for close to 20 years, she received royalties of Ksh 2,530.

She  has now concluded that selling “Nunu” pays better than doing music in Kenya.

We have grown ass men/women who sit at the MCSK office denying the artistes their rightful pays.I received this text & didn't pay much attention to it.MCSK are jokers who are  slowly killing the industry. Zero interest in supporting the artists. Selling nunu would  give better pay check. She posted on twitter.


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