Monday August 5, 2019 - Besieged Kiambu Governor, Ferdinand Waititu, has revealed that he held secret talks with his Deputy, James Nyoro, about managing the County amid the power struggles the two are embroiled in.

“I spoke with the Deputy Governor a few days ago and he still knows that I am in power.”

“Anajua mimi ndio boss.”

“Mimi ndio mdosi (He knows I am the man in charge of Kiambu).”

“He doesn’t have any confusion whatsoever over the matter,” Waititu noted after attending a church service at Victors’ Assembly Church in Kikuyu Sub-County.

The embattled Governor further stated that he will operate affairs of his County at sub-county level.

“The Deputy was not gazetted.”

“Therefore he cannot undertake my duties.”

“I am the Governor.”

“I still have executive powers.”

"However, issues with power are adhered to as by the law and the constitution,” Waititu divulged.

On Saturday, Waititu outmaneuvered a court order and continued working by inspecting various projects.

The Governor inspected the construction of Wangige Level Four Hospital and Kikuyu Market.

The County boss further claimed that he would chair a County meeting on Wednesday but not inside the headquarters.


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