Wednesday August 14, 2019 - Kin of late Kibra lawmaker, Ken Okoth, are set to receive his group life death insurance cover and death gratuity from Parliament.

This might add up to at least Sh32 million but will have to follow the reception of a letter from the courts indicating who was listed as the administrator of his estate.

The same will then be gazetted to enable anyone who has issues with the money bring in their complaints, a matter which has been confirmed by Okoth's brother, Imran Okoth.

"Yes the family is entitled to Sh32 million before tax, but we are not releasing the money now.”

“We have to follow the law, which requires that we have to first get the letter of the administrator of the estate.”

"If the family agree on how to share the money, the name of the administrator must be published in the Kenya Gazette, so that anybody with an issue can come up," a source who deals with MPs’ pension revealed.

According to Imran, the family is aware of the pending payment, but has left the job of following the procedures to its lawyer.

However, he took issue with an official that handles pension for lawmakers, who disclosed the amount to the paper, noting that the issue is private and should be treated as such.

“I don’t know why they are telling you the amount and all that.”

“Why would they do that yet these are personal matters?” Imran stated yesterday.

The money is part of the 12.75 percent amount deducted from MPs' salaries, before a similar amount is topped up by the State.

Okoth succumbed to colorectal cancer last month, and was cremated at the Kariokor crematorium a week later.


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