Monday August 4,2019 - Luo Council of Elders have today summoned the widow of late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, Monica Okoth to Kasipul Kabondo, Homa Bay, to perform “cleansing” rituals following the death of her husband.

Cleansing according to Luo traditions involves engaging in sexual intercourse without a condom with a “cleanser”

A “cleanser” according to the Council’s Chairman, Nyandiko Ogandi, is often a non-relative from the side of the deceased husband.

“When Monica arrives, she will be taken for HIV and STI testing before cleansing begins,” Ongandi said.

The elder said that cleansing is important in removing the impurity the widow is believed to have acquired following the death of her husband.

After Okoth’s wife is cleansed, she will be expected to be “inherited” by one of Okoth’s brothers and will be assisted to build her a house (simba) or a home.

Late Ken Okoth succumbed to Colorectal Cancer two weeks ago and was cremated at Kariokor Crematorium on Saturday.


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