Thursday August 29, 2019-Marianne Kitany, wife to Meru Senator Mithika Linturi, on Wednesday, made three fresh revelations about her husband's rogue ways, including how he used her family's wealth to enrich himself.

Speaking at Milimani Law Courts during the divorce hearing, Kitany revealed that Linturi often took titles deeds belonging to her relatives and proceeded to charge them in various banks.

When she tried confronting him, Linturi ran away from their home until her family intervened, to help them resolve the issue.

She also suspected that the senator had forged some of the titles and when she raised the point to him, he threatened her. Kitany then reported the matter to the Director of Criminal Investigations.

During the court proceedings, Kitany was also allowed to play a video showing their mansions, after which she explained that she single-handedly built their Ksh100 million Runda home.

“When we were doing the design of the house, we involved all the children. Every child gave their suggestion; the girls were a bit flowery, whereas the boys were a bit subtle,” she stated.


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