Tuesday August 27, 2019-New revelations have emerged on how the military exhumed Mzee Jomo Kenyatta's body and accorded him care and honour after his death and returned him for burial without anyone noticing.

Lt-Gen Daniel Opandethe staff officer responsible for ceremonial duties at the Army headquarters after Jomo's tenure released an autobiography titled In Pursuit of Peace in Africa in which reveals untold before secrets around Kenyatta's burial. 

Jomo Kenyatta's body was exhumed by the military at one point, three months after his burial and taken it to City Mortuary to have it professionally cared for. They then returned it to the Parliament grounds.

"I was called by the Army Commander, the late General Jackson Mulinge, and asked to “heighten security around the mausoleum and to be ready to arrange for a military ambulance to take the casket containing the body of Mzee to the City Mortuary," Opande wrote in his autobiography. 

“I could detect the sombre urgency in his voice as he stressed that the whole operation had to be completed by the following evening. I assured him that I understood his instructions and would comply," Opande stated while revealing that there was some sense of urgency in Gen Mulinge’s call.

Opande further divulges that Jomo's physician, Dr. Eric Mwangola, who was also the Director of Medical Services led the exhumation exercise. Dr. Mwangola and Dr. Njoroge Mungai — Kenyatta’s first cousin — were the two medics that Jomo trusted most.

"We entered the mausoleum and with the help of a handful of soldiers set out to take out the casket. It was quite heavy and tricky to remove but we managed to bring it out successfully. It was immediately transferred to the waiting military ambulance for the journey to the City Mortuary. 

“I watched carefully as they cleaned the remains that appeared very well-preserved. Within an hour, the body was placed back into the casket for transportation back to the mausoleum. Later that night, my task accomplished, I called Gen Mulinge and informed him of the success of our mission," he narrated.


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