Monday August 5, 2019 - After the controversial cremation of the late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth, on Saturday, it has emerged that his mother, Angelina Ajwang, tried to reach out to two Luo MPs, on Friday, before her son's cremation took place.

She wanted the MPs to stop Okoth's widow, Monica Lavender, from proceeding with the cremation.

According to reports, Ms Ajwang tried to reach out to an MP from Migori County and another from Kisumu County in a bid to get their help.

It is reported that her attempts to leave voice calls were futile, hence, she resorted to sending text messages to them.

One of the Luo MPs saw the messages and posted on their Whatsapp forum.

“Jodalawa (my kinsmen)…I just got a message from Mama Ken and I called her back...she is pleading for help so that she can bury her son...She sounded so desperate” the whatsapp message read.

Suba South MP, John Mbadi, said that there was little that could have been done to resolve the situation in any other way.

“Even if she reached out to us, there was little we could do because that was a family decision.”

“They just needed to talk as a family,” Mbadi noted.


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