Tuesday, August 6, 2019-Several people were injured on Monday night after members of the dreaded Wakali Kwanza gang unleashed terror on residents of Bamburi.

The gang that consists of young people aged between 15-24 started slashing anyone they came across while shouting “Takbir”.

They shouted Takbir before they started slashing anyone in their sight.” A boda-boda operator who escaped death by a whisker said.

He was repairing his motorbike when he saw a large crowd coming towards him.

He thought they were people coming from the mosque until he saw some of them unleashing machetes.

"I thought they were people from the mosque until I saw some of them unleashing machetes. I knew I was in trouble and took off leaving my motorbike behind," he said.
The gang stabbed anyone in sight.
8 people were seriously injured and admitted at Coast General Hospital.
Most victims had panga cuts in the head, stomach, hands, neck, legs and back.
See photos of the injuries that some of the  victims sustained during the Monday night attack.



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  1. As long as waswahili will protect these boys theier shall be no peace in Msa especially Kisauni and Likoni. The owner of the gangs is none other than former MP Rashid Bedzimba who is making sure incumbent mp does not perform his work. This time round every one to arm him/her self with somali sword or panga. I witness one gun owner wasting a bullet in the air instead of hitting his target. Romours go round that they are being sponosred by Sonko too, because the gay who screwed Sonko at shimo la tewa prison is a close buddy of Joho in his in-circle. Sonko alifirwa na huyo msenge mswahili.