Wednesday, August 28, 2019-Slay queens have devised new  tricks of looking for well loaded Wazungu sponsors as life in the city gets hard due to harsh economic times.

Someone took photos of a beautiful and smartly dressed slay queen who was on a sponsor hunting mission trying her luck at a high end hotel in Village market.

She reportedly accomplished her mission and left with a mzungu sponsor.

The trick is simple.

Dress well and smell nice and then visit any hotel in Nairobi where white men flock and identity your target.

If you look at these photos, most of the patrons who visit this high end  restaurant at Village Market  are whites, majority being expatriates.

The slay queen sat strategically and pretended to be busy with her phone but her eyes were strategically set on the potential target.

She reportedly left with a white man.

This is how it’s done.


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