Sunday August 18, 2019-Political analyst, Herman Manyora, has claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta will continue living in State House come 2022.

Manyora intimated that Uhuru will be in the next government as a powerful prime minister and may even have to change State House's name, to Government House, as it used to be called, just to accommodate him.

According to the analyst, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Kamotho let the cat out of the bag, by revealing that ODM leader, Raila Odinga, will be offered to the Kikuyu nation and the larger Mount Kenya region as the preferred Presidential candidate, in 2022.

He noted that the governor was not just any ordinary lady but a serious leader from the Mount Kenya region, who was speaking with authority.

On the same wavelength, he cautioned Deputy William Ruto that the support he seems to be enjoying at the moment, in Central Kenya, might just be hot air.

Manyora opined that come the election day, the electorate will change tune and listen to Uhuru if he convinces them to vote for Raila.

However, he stated that for Raila to sell in Central Kenya, the region must have a substantive stake in his government.

"If you want to know where the mount will vote, ask yourself if they will not be producing a presidential candidate, it means they are going to side with either Ruto or Raila because they have a stake in that government.

"It becomes complicated for Ruto and Christmas for Raila because it will be very difficult for Uhuru to remain in an arrangement with Ruto in power," he stated.


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