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The shameful incident which unfolded in Mwangaza, Hola Town in Tana River County, revealed the extent of moral decadence in the society.

Reports by KNA on Thursday, April 26, divulged the officer’s sister-in-law fainted when she arrived at the house unannounced early this week just to find her niece romping with her father.

Residents were left in shock when a public servant was caught pants down being intimate with his daughter.

The girl’s mother had visited her parents away from the town and she didn’t know her sister would pay her a visit that day.

Sources said the aghast woman shouted and screamed on seeing the unfathomable scene attracting neighbours before she passed out, leaving father and daughter in shock.

The two then left the bed, dressed up and tried to resuscitate their relative.

When she woke up, the aunt confronted the duo who confessed to have been in a romantic relationship for a long time.

Even more astounding to the woman was the fact that the girl’s mother had not dared to interfere although she had all along been aware of the illicit affair, for fear of her marriage collapsing since her husband was also known to be violent.

According to neighbours, when the girl’s aunt came to, she immediately called her sister, but shockingly, instead of appreciating, the woman upbraided her sister telling her not to meddle in matters that don’t concern her.

“Why do you want to destroy my marriage,” the girl’s mother allegedly scolded her sister, adding she knew all along about the relationship between her daughter and her husband but wanted to save her marriage.

Neighbours said the girl had been schooling out of the county, but had requested to be transferred to a school believed to be near her boyfriend.

The said boy on learning that the girl had an affair with her father decided to end the relationship to allow her to continue her incestuous rendezvous.

“The fact that it is the girl who was found on top of her father is reason enough to believe the lass had consented to her father’s lust,” another neighbour said.

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