Saturday August 10, 2019-Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, has once again lambasted Deputy President William Ruto for ignoring President Uhuru Kenyatta’s order of stopping early campaigns.

Uhuru has severally been warning politicians especially Jubilee politicians against early campaigns urging them to concentrate on development.

 However, Uhuru‘s order has been falling on Ruto’s deaf ear who has been running across the country campaigning for his 2022 presidential bid.

 Now  in a long Facebook post on Friday , Ngunjiri said Ruto has directed his foot soldiers to hunt for his 2022 votes and observed the Tanga Tanga members were doing it 'with such vigour and style one would think the elections are next month'.

"What makes it so terrible is that the person who is leading this drama is the President’s own Deputy, Dr William Samoei Ruto. And because he is doing it though proxies he thinks Kenyans do not see what he is doing," Wambugu said.

Wambugu claimed the DP usually facilitate at least 20 MPs to accompany him during his tours across the country, which eventually turn out to be political rallies.

The first time lawmaker said within a few days the DP will take his cheering squad to another rally and the same script will be followed to the letter. 

"Sometimes I think Dr William Samoei Ruto thinks he’s the only smart guy in the room, and that all other Kenyans, including his Boss, are stupid. Lakini ... very soon ...#Kitaeleweka," he wrote.


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