Monday August 26, 2019 - A section of Kibra residents have written a letter to ODM Party leader, Raila Odinga, listing demands he must meet in order for them to elect an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) candidate in the looming Kibra by-election

The seat fell vacant following the death of Ken Okoth who was cremated at Kariokor Crematorium last month.

Following Okoth’s death, some 26 ODM candidates have emerged to succeed the late MP.
On Sunday, Raila Odinga, who was speaking at Kamukunji grounds in Kibera, said the party’s nomination for the post will happen on Saturday August 31st.

However, residents of Kibera have rebelled against Raila Odinga tabling a list of demands he must meet in order for them to participate in the August 31st party nominations.

Here are the demands which they have termed them as “Irreducible Minimums”

1. Raila Odinga must produce Ken Okoth’s body for burial.

2. Must explain why Raila Odinga allowed Ken Okoth’s body to be cremated.

3. Must explain why he never visited Kibra Constituency during Ken Okoth's reign

4. Must explain why he did not attend Kibra Educational Day when Ken was opening the Modern Kibra Educational Centre.

5. Must Explain why he shook hands with the President without consulting them, many Kibra residents lost their lives, no compensation has been done.

6... Must explain what he has done in Kibra for the last 30 years he has been in politics.

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