Saturday August 17, 2019-Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has reckoned the influence of ODM leader Raila Odinga in Kenyan politics, even as 2022 succession politics continue to take shape.

Speaking during a press conference on Friday, Waiguru conceded that it's difficult for someone to lead Kenya without the input of Raila, whom she says is a force.

She noted that Raila plays a key role in stability of the country, adding that it's not possible to ignore his input since he controls over half of voting blocs in Kenya.

“We all understand that Raila controls half this country, and anyone who imagines that you can actually lead this country without his input or his supporters’ input, I think we would be denying a fact. So, what we have said is we need to be realistic,” Waiguru said.

She asked Mt. Kenya region to be calculative ahead of 2022 polls, arguing that other regions may want to occupy the top seat. She confirmed that the region will not eye presidency come 2022.

“Kenyans have said that they would want other tribes involved in terms of the leadership of this country. As a Mt Kenya leader, I know that we have very many votes and we would also like to be participating in this leadership,” Waiguru added.

In March last year, Uhuru reconciled with Mr Odinga, a move that aimed at bringing stability to his government given Mr. Odinga's offensive approach after the disputed poll.


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