Monday August 5, 2019 - Kenyans across the political divide are in support of the Punguza Mizigo referendum Bill which is sponsored by Third Way Alliance which is led by Dr Ekuru Aukot.

On Sunday, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, asked Kenyans to reject it and support Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) sponsored by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the former Premier.

“We are in the process of giving Kenyans a good Constitution but we are seeing some people diverting people’s attention with Punguza Mizigo Bill. Those are saboteurs who should be ignored,” Raila said.

Raila Odinga’s words seem to have received mixed reactions with many Kenyans telling Jakom to start supporting Punguza Mzigo because Kenyans have endorsed it.

Here are some comments from Kenyans.

Two people greeted each other and called it handshake for all Kenyans, but wanjigu was not part of it and was not consoled.The handshake gave birth to BBI and committee was formed to see how our constitution can be changed to create vacancies for political rejects, again wanjigu was not involved. But by God gracious emerge okur aukot with a God send messages "punguza mzigo wananchi apumzike " and it changed everything. Raila the people have said punguza mzigo, who are you to say ongeza mzigo?.Bob Kiptoo wrote.
“Lazima tupunguze MZIGO, poor Kenyans who are burdened with the excess elective posts are not eating ODM please, let them give us a break.” Zedekia Nyakiti said.

“Raila and his NASA brigade are bunch of self-seeking politicians. They need to tell which part of Aukot"s proposals are bad instead of condemning the whole doc. Punguza mzigo hadi mwisho,” Wan Eddie wrote.

“Raila has never been for the common good of mwananchi.....but will do anything to reward his political losers and friends,” Kennedy Macobwanda

“Punguza mzigo is what we all need as Kenyans.Its becomes something else if in the bedroom of our mind we carry a ODM or a jubilee,” Emalela Ventures.

“Kenyans backing BBI must be very blind...its contents have not been put in the public domain and I hear that views are still being collected...but raila and his team are telling us that #punguzamizigo is not the answer to our problems and that we should all rally behind the little known BBI...what are they not telling us?????,” Antony Rodriguez.

“We don't need any party's endorsement. They re the enemies of Kenyans. Nothing good can emanate from them. They just think we're dunderheads like them. Punguza Mzigo is the way to go. Not letup please..,” Ngugi Kimotho said.

“Propaganda won't make this time round..... If u don't support, we will do ourself!! Silly leaders who think of themselves and forget what we elected them to do for we!” Martin Jason.

“ What happened last election wil tell who is raila, after fooling his followers all in the name of gaining political popularity now he is back again..... Lazima tupunguze mzigo,” Audo Joseph wrote.


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