Saturday August 10, 2019-Renowned political analyst and scholar, Prof Herman Manyora, has said Punguza Mzigo initiative is not going anywhere because it has no backing of the leading political figures in the country.

In his weekly analysis on You Tube dubbed Take It or Leave It, Manyora said though Punguza Mzigo is more popular among Kenyans than Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) , the BBI will sail through because it has backing of President Uhuru Kenyatta and National Super Alliance(NASA) leader , Raila Odinga.

“Since Punguza Mizigo is going nowhere with all respect for to Ekuru Aukot, with all sympathy die to Kenyans who support it, because am sure this Punguza Mizigo initiative is very popular on the ground. But unfortunately, the big boys who run the show will shoot it down,"Manyora said.

Raila Odinga has already pocked holes on Punguza Mzigo saying it is not people’s driven but Uhuru is yet to publicly oppose the Punguza Mzigo initiative.

Punguza Mizigo is pushing for a reduction of elective representation while the BBI is pushing for among others, an extended executive.


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