Friday August 30, 2019-One of Prophet David Owuor's Bishop, Joseph Gitonga, has been ex-communicated from the Repentance and Holiness Ministry over sex scandals.

According to reports, several women alleged that Bishop Gitonga had been having sexual relations with them.

The former bishop, who was serving at the church's Kasarani branch, is said to have been one of the most powerful leaders in the church.

A source confirmed that the randy bishop was very close to Prophet Owuor, serving both as his personal assistant and part of his security team.

Prophet David Owuor. His Repentance and Holiness Ministry, Kasarani branch, has been rocked by a sex scandal after several women confessed to having slept with a bishop.

In a notice authored by senior archbishop John Litunda, Gitonga and his family were directed to immediately stop serving in the church.

“This is an official communication that you Joseph Gitonga are forthwith excommunicated from the glorious Ministry of Repentance and Holiness with immediate effect together with your family and you are not allowed to congregate with this holy ministry of the Lord," read the notice.

Speaking on behalf of the church's National Council of Bishops, lawyer Okongo Omogeni, confirmed that Gitonga was no longer part of the church.

“There were indecent sinful acts that were taking place within the church that led to his expulsion. There were victims who confessed, that is why the Bishop and the board met to take that action,” he told the publication.

A member of the church, however, revealed that the allegations might be based on malice to ensure the fall of the bishop.

"He was just elevated to that position a month ago, sometimes there are leadership wrangles in the church and mostly women are part of these fallouts. In every church, there are true believers and false believers. Those who are false are out to destroy the church because they do not adhere to the doctrine," he affirmed.



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