Wednesday August 28, 2019-Controversial pastor, James Maina Nganga, has for once revealed why he has so many followers despite having many scandals like late Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

In an interview with one of the local dailies, Nganga, who has been hitting headlines daily for wrong reasons, said it is his rivals who paint him in bad light and he is not scandalous as Kenyans are made to believe.

The rogue pastor explained that despite the questionable sermons, his congregants know him and are fond of his teachings, which is the reason they are loyal to his church.

“My followers know me and that is why they still come to my church. I have so many followers, including women, and I would not humiliate any of them.

"We cannot be similar, kwani sisi ni meno? (we are not teeth). My people love me and they keep wondering what is wrong with haters because they were in the sermons and did not have any problem,"  Nganga stated.

The pastor explained that he had worked hard to make his church what it was, having bought it with his own money and also paid for the broadcasting of his sermons.

"So I don't need any publicity that people are putting me into. I am old and rich enough to look for publicity.

"Why do people want to touch on the negative things I do? I feed people, I heal people among other things but no one wants to write about that," he asked.


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