Tuesday August 27, 2019-A section of male followers from Neno Evangelism Centre have sued their lead pastor, Jame Maina Nganga, for threatening to interfere with the ‘normal functioning’ of their ‘male organs’

The Neno men, through Otieno and Amisi Advocates, demanded that Ng’ang’a withdraws the said threats and insults issued against them within two days or they will sue him for defamation.

The men, in the suit papers claimed the rogue televangelist publicly and without provocation used threatening and abusive words against them.

They also claimed the controversial cleric intended to provoke a breach of peace by using derogatory signs and language in reference to their sexual organs.

They further claimed Ng’ang’a used derogative terms that equated them to fools and threatened to disable their abilities to engage in sexual intercourse by using undisclosed means and powers in front of a congregation.

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