Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - A motorist recorded a corrupt policewoman from Kasarani Police Station who demanded for a bribe after forcing herself into his private car.

In the video, the motorist of Somali origin is heard pleading with the rogue cop and requesting her to be a bit lenient because the Ksh 1,500 she was demanding was hard to get at that moment.

The cop ignores the motorist’s pleas and demands to be given the bribe she was asking for.

The helpless Somali man, who complained how traffic cops at Kasarani Police Station have milked him dry through bribes, finally dished out Ksh 1,000 bribe to the cop and she let him go.

We understand that this corrupt female cop from Kasarani has been harassing motorists along Thika Road where she camps daily to collect bribes.

Watch the video.

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